Peru, a true paradise of birds

Peru's territory is
59% Amazon Rainforest
30% Highlands
11% Coast

218 Natural Areas,
which represent 17% of the
national territory

Over 1800 bird species
of which 117 are endemic


The potential of Peru as a tourist destination for birdwatching is huge and must be exploited. A single trip is not enough to discover all the wonders that Peru has to offer. With more than 1800 bird species, 117 of which are endemic, Peru is a true paradise of birdwatching!


Andean Cock of the rock


Andean Cock-of-the-rock - the unofficial national bird of Peru can be found in the cloud forests of the E Andes. #perubirding

Inca Tern


Inca Tern - arguably the world’s most spectacular tern, common on the coast of Peru. Can be seen from Lima coastal restaurants. #perubirding

Peruvian Plantcutter


Peruvian Plantcutter - threatened endemic restricted to the dry forests of NW Peru. #bosquedepomac #perubirding

Wattled Currasow


Wattled Currasow - threatened with small populations scattered across Amazon. Peru’s Muyuna river is the best place to see it. #perubirding

White-cheeked Cotinga


White-cheeked Cotinga - an Andean enigma. Found only in high altitude forests of the W Andes of Peru. #perubirding



Only found in arid habitats of northern and central Peru, the 5 stunning species in the Genus Incaspiza are known as Inca-Finches. #perubirding

Lake Junín


One high-altitude lake with two endemic species. Lake Junin has its own eponymous Grebe and Rail. #perubirding

Ochre-fronted Antpitta


The most range-restricted, and sought-after of the Grallaricula Antpittas. Ochre-fronted Antpitta now showing well at Alto Nieva, Peru. #perubirding



Quetzals are fabulously gaudy and exotic birds of tropical forests of the Americas. Peru is home to 3 species. #perubirding

Titicaca Grebe


The largest navigable lake in the world is also hope to a special bird - Titicaca Grebe only found on Lake Titicaca. #perubirding

Pale-billed Antpitta


The spectacular Pale-billed Antpitta only inhabits bamboo-dominated cloud forest in the north-east Andes of Peru. #perubirding

Discovery of an Antbird


Cordillera Azul Antbird was discovered in Peru by a visiting birder in 2016. Read the story and imagine what you could find in Peru. #the-northern-peru-birding-route

Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager


The stunning Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager is known from a few sites on the treeline of the eastern Andes on Peru, such as Bosque Unchog near Huanuco. #perubirding

Marvelous Spatultail


The world’s most spectacular hummingbird? Probably. The Marvelous Spatultail is found only in the Utcubamba valley of Amazonas, Peru. #perubirding



What goes tick in the night? Birders enjoying any of Peru’s 59 species of nightbird. #perubirding

Andean Condor


Sacred to the Incas & arguably the largest flying landbird. The Andean Condor is a must-see species on a visit to #Peru. #perubirding

Birding near Cusco


To the Incas it was the belly button of the world. For birders, Cusco is the start of a great adventure. #perubirding

Birding near Lima


Peru’s largest city is a great starting point for birders, with over 350 species accessible form the capital. #perubirding

Machu Picchu


Top 7 Wonders site for most tourists, top birding site for those in the know. The back door to Machu Picchu opens up for birders. #perubirding

Endemic Hummingbirds


Peru’s 120 hummingbird species include 14 that are only found there such as the Bearded Mountaineer, Marvelous Spatultail and Grey-bellied Comet. #perubirding

Lima Pelagics


The Humboldt current off the Peruvian coast provides some of the best pelagic birding in the world. #perubirding

Bofedal Birds


High Andean bogs (bofedales) are home to some unique birds like the Diadeemed Sandpiper-Plover and critically threatened White-bellied Cinclodes. #perubirding

Central Peru


From the Pacific coast into the High Andes, central Peru is home to breath-taking scenery and spectacular endemic birds. #perubirding

Golden Age of Discovery of Peruvian Birds


More than a quarter of the birds described as new to science in the last 50 years were discovered in Peru. What else remains to be found there? #perubirding

Unexplored South-east Peru


Macaws at a clay lick - one of the many reasons to visit Madre de Dios, Peru for the best birding and wildlife watching in the Amazon. #perubirding

Northern Peru


Long overlooked by most tourists, northern Peru is probably the best birding destination on earth. Over 1500 species possible. #perubirding