Heinz Plenge

Harpy Eagle

Harpia harpyja

This bird feeds mainly on sloths and monkeys, and sometimes on large birds. It builds its nests in large trees where it raises only one chick every 2 or 3 years. Harpy eagles are known to mate for life.

NPA: Tambopata National Reserve (Important Bird Area).

Endemic: No.


Females are larger than males and weigh up to 11 kg., while the males weigh only about 6 kg. Both have the same plumage features.

Length: 89-105 cm / 35-41 in.

Wingspan: 180-200 cm / 71-78 in.

Threat: Vulnerable.

Best Time for observation: All year round.

Habitat: In the entire reserve between the ceibos, shihuahuaco, and chestnut trees.

This is the biggest eagle in the Americas.