Picante de Cuy


  • 2 guinea pigs
  • 6 boiled potatoes
  • 150 g minced garlic
  • 200 g ground yellow aj√≠ pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil


Halve the boiled potatoes or cut them into round slices. Set aside. Cut up the guinea pig (four or two pieces per guinea pig, depending on its size). Season the cuts of guinea pig with salt and garlic.

Fry the cuts or pieces of guinea pig on both sides in very hot oil. Once the cuts of guinea pig have been fried, add the boiled potatoes, aji panca peppers and minced garlic to the same frying pan, smothering them in the seasoning. Lightly roast this mixture for five or six minutes (the guinea pig on both sides). Serve along with creole sauce and white rice as a side.