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Novo-Andean Cuisine

Novo-Andean Cuisine

Novo-Andean cuisine is a new style, originating in Peru, that reclaims the culinary traditions of its pre-Hispanic past to recreate, and therefore rediscover, many local ingredients.

The recreation of Andean cuisine draws on elements from other cultural landscapes, such as Europe.

What better way to combine healthy cuisine with Novo Andean flavors, yielding an intense variety of dishes that delight even the most discerning palates?

Discover which foods and ingredients from Peruvian cuisine make Peru a good destination to visit and enjoy.

Metropolitan Lima

In recent decades, Peruvian chefs have taken the ingredients used by their ancestors before the Spanish rule and successfully incorporated them into international cuisine. A new culinary style emerged, which draws inspiration from the culinary traditions of pre-Hispanic Peru and combines them with trends in international cuisine. Perfect harmony has been achieved with sparing use of spices in lightly cooked, mild flavored and very low-fat dishes.

Some Novo-Andean cuisine dishes include:

Appetizers and soups: antojos de queso en salsa de maracuya (cheese and spinach rolls in a passion fruit sauce), fresh snail and quinoa salad, cheese flan with barley flakes, cassava casserole, and cream of celery and leek soup with barley flakes.

Entrees: grilled alpaca, fish marinated in carob syrup, reventón ayacuchano (made with the same ingredients as pachamanca and sancochado, but in an earthen pot with more sauces), quinoa risotto, cassava and dehydrated potato stew, guinea pig in oyster sauce and veal with squid.

Desserts: imperial de quinua (quinoa with milk and a passion fruit jelly), quinoa and soursop mousse, oca tart (made with the sweet oca tuber and cherimoya), misky súmac (made from amaranth), cañihua pudding and pacay (ice-cream bean) nougat.

Drinks: goldenberry shake, quinoa and mamey chicha, grape and cañihua chicha, maca sour, sour cocktail made of Andean or Amazonian fruits, tumbo frozen (banana-passionfruit frappe), and others.

General information:
Novo-Andean cuisine can be found at 5 star hotels and specialty restaurants in the city of Lima, which offer an impressive range of dishes.