The Callejón de Huaylas area is one of the most important in the Áncash region. Not only does it contain the most extensive tropical mountain range in the world, but also the most beautiful mountain on earth: the sublime, snow-covered Alpamayo. This breathtaking area’s claim to fame is its spectacular views of the Cordillera Blanca, a perfect playground for adventure sports, offering unrivaled experiences packed with adrenaline. Here, at the foot of the most spectacular peaks in the Andes, the long and narrow alluvial valley of Callejón de Huaylas and its snowy landscapes conceal countless trails that are perfect for any kind of extreme sport, especially hiking. But Áncash’s allure runs deeper than its striking natural beauty: it is the cradle of ancient civilizations. In the 11th century BC, and for nearly 8 centuries afterward, this was the land of the Chavín culture. One of Peru’s oldest civilizations, it laid the foundations of the Andean worldview that holds sway to this day, and its presence can be seen in the astounding Chavín de Huántar archaeological complex.