There’s something you can’t put your finger on in Arequipa, something that can’t be bought or measured, and you only discover it when you arrive there. The towering volcanoes around it watch over a colonial city built of sillar, a white volcanic rock that lends its color to every part of Arequipa. Erected at the foot of Misti, its ever-watchful warden, it welcomes visitors with a dazzling blue sky in all seasons. Time seems to have come to a halt in the city, and you can still walk its colonial streets decorated with bright flowers and massive monasteries, like Santa Catalina, which stands guard over one of the most beautiful Historic Centers in Latin America, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But Arequipa is also synonymous with aromas and flavors. Locals can boast of one of the most traditional regional cuisines in the entire country: to journey to Arequipa is to travel a savory and colorful culinary path of chili peppers, spicy dishes, hot rocoto peppers, chicha corn beverages and all the other delicacies offered in the traditional picantería eateries. In Arequipa, a feast always awaits, and all that’s needed for a unique experience is an open heart.