The Inca’s wisdom and vision of the cosmos still permeates the air of the imperial city of Cusco. Its harmony with nature stands as a lesson to this day. Within the domain of the “Navel of the World” lies the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, the most visited natural protected area in Peru. The sanctuary’s job is to protect the crown jewel of the Incas and one of the wonders of the world. Cusco shows the county’s natural and cultural heritage at its finest, with archaeological sites whose wonders never cease and a wide variety of wild plants and animals for whom the beautiful city is their last bastion. The capital of the Inca Empire is also crisscrossed by trails: Choquequirao, Lares and Salkantay contain cultural and natural adventures that make it a utopia for those who love adventure sports. Cusco is also where the majestic and historic Sacred Valley of the Incas can be seen in all its glory, with its ancient fortresses, fertile farmlands, glacier-clad mountains and picturesque towns. On top of it all, it is now possible to stay high up on its sacred mountains and soak in all of its majesty from the skies. UNESCO named the ancient capital of the Inca Empire a World Heritage Site, confirming that one of its most fascinating elements is the fusion of its Incan past and Spanish colonial legacy.