A city of deserts, beaches and oases, Ica witnessed the emergence of Peruvian pride distilled: pisco. Though not on the national crest, the symbolic drink represents Peru’s essence in liquid form. The extraordinary sand dunes of Ica’s magical desert are the setting for the unforgettable experience of sand boarding. Ica also has unexpected sites like Huacachina, an alluring oasis of stunning natural beauty that cannot be found elsewhere. The vast vineyards of this lovely area captivate tourists, as do its famed wineries that fashion the best wines and piscos in Peru. Visitors also continue to be drawn to Ica to puzzle over the enigmatic lines and geoglyphs in Nazca and Palpa. If you love nature and adventure, you shouldn’t miss an ocean voyage among the Ballestas Islands to see a menagerie of sea life, like sea lions, birds, and even penguins.