La Libertad

The hearts of La Libertad beat to a unique rhythm, that of the refined marinera norteña, one of South America’s most elegant partner dances. Meanwhile, the exquisite colonial architecture of its capital city, Trujillo, makes every corner a scene worthy of a postcard. But this region is also known for its time-honored traditions, like fishing on Caballitos de Totora, watercraft built from reeds on which the Chimús of old defied the unruly seas of northern Peru. In the City of Eternal Spring, as Trujillo is known because of its sunny climate, you can also visit a place like nowhere else on earth: Chan Chan, the world’s largest clay city and an invaluable relic of this region’s ancient inhabitants. Trujillo's archaeological riches are an important part of the Moche Route, with monumental ruins like Huaca de La Luna – capital of the Moche civilization for more than six centuries– and the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, where the Lady of Cao awaits you in all her grandeur. The Trujillo experience is made complete by beautiful beach resorts like the quaint Huanchaco– claimed by many to be the birthplace of Peruvian ceviche– and local fare bursting with the flavors of the sea.


The city of mythical rulers like the Lord of Sipán and powerful women who reigned with ancestral wisdom over vast realms, a trip to Lambayeque also means discovering picture-perfect towns that house impressive pyramids, archaeological sites and one of the country’s most delectable and important culinary traditions. Its coasts and valleys gave rise to pre-Hispanic civilizations that left an impressive legacy of archaeological sites in the middle of the coastal desert. Lambayeque lies along the incomparable Moche Route. Its archaeological riches include treasures like the magnificent tomb of the Lord of Sipán (Lambayeque) and the Lady of Cao (La Libertad), fascinating evidence of a female monarch in ancient Peru. But a trip to this region also means discovering bright and sun- drenched beaches like the Pimentel resort, with balmy breezes and gentle waves that evoke life’s simplest joys with each walk along the promenade.