To see nature’s true colors, look no further than Moquegua, where day in and day out some of the world’s best weather bathes its bottom lands and bluffs in light. The fertile valleys and extensive canyons of this resplendent region have the best lands for growing the grapes used to make the finest piscos. Moquegua’s natural charms and warm and sunny climate year round are complemented by the valuable historical legacy that endures in its picturesque towns in the form of colonial and Republican architecture that seems to sum up the history of Peru with each brick.


Tacna embodies heroism, the Peruvian psyche and love for the land, but also the origin of Latin American civilizations. The variety of petroglyphs and rock paintings found throughout the region silently attest to the customs of its ancient inhabitants. Like everywhere in Peru, the city also embodies fusion, the perfect blend of culture and nature. Here you can enjoy high-quality tourist services, visit shopping centers, savor the unforgettable zest of local food and see beautiful natural destinations, like the Candarave geysers and hot springs, with medicinal waters (temperatures between 98° and 104°) that bubble up in volcanic environs. But Tacna is also renowned for the great friendliness of its people, who make hospitality a point of national pride. And if you’re looking for rest and relaxation, you can enjoy its beaches lapped by gentle waves during its warm mornings.