You still don't
know who I am?

My name is Milco! The mascot for the 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games in Lima. I was born in the workshop of the most sporting Cuchimilco around the world.

How old am I?

I carry the heritage of a culture born in the year 1200, but I arrived in the world in 2017, in the most Peruvian week of all, the week of the nation’s anniversary.

And my special power?

I'm the #1 fan of the Pan American and Parapan American Games! Although, that's not "exactly" a power... Ah! But I can adapt to the most demanding conditions (like any good Peruvian) and transform my tattoos and clothing according to the sport I practice: indoor, open field or water. Ha! How's it going?

My biggest

love competition, but I love sports a lot more than "winning". That's why I always defend fair play and, above all, JUSTICE!

Where do I live?

They say I was born in a stone oven, but my home is on every court and field, in every corner that serves as the home of your favorite sports and in the fervent hearts of the sporting flame.

And my mission?

To live up to the values of the games in my "own clay"

  • Pan American: excellence, friendship, respect and courage.
  • Parapan Americans: determination, equality, and inspiration.